Monday, February 21, 2011

What kind of driveway?

This weekend Jacin, Bird, and I were running errands in town. On the spur of the moment, Jacin decided to drive through the neighborhood and see the remains of last year's gas explosion. (For those who don't remember, a house in Calhoun exploded due to natural gas. It's been ruled arson, but no one has been charged. It happened last year on the day we brought Jackson home from the hospital - the 1st time.)

As we drove through the neighborhood with trimmed hedges, green lawns, and L A R G E  houses, Jacin commented, "I sure do like those whoop driveways. I'd like to have one of those one day." I wasn't real sure what to say. Pretty sure I misheard him, I just smiled and gave a "mmmhhmm."

A few more houses down the road, he stopped and pointed. "See? Don't you like that? We could make us a whoop driveway like that."

This time I was sure I heard him correctly, so I responded. "A whoop driveway, huh? Do you mean a circular driveway? Or maybe a loop driveway?"

"Well, that's the rich way to say it, I guess. Anybody I hang out with knows it's called a whoop driveway. You're just not from here. We know it's a whoop."

I learn something new every day.

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  1. BAHAHHAH! I face this everyday with my Jason! I've heard chimley, bliars, and car-porch. Drives me insane and I AM from here! LOL
    Those whoop driveways are nice, though. ;)