Wednesday, February 9, 2011


About 10 of our FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) student leaders handed out 600 Bibles this morning at school. They stood at the doors and gave students and teachers Bibles as they came in the school building. I was there to "supervise," and it was interesting to hear the students' comments as they came down the hall with new Bibles in their hands.

There was a wide variety of sentiments expressed:
"Wow! A Bible! This is my 4th one!"
"No thanks. I don't need one of those. I'm an atheist."
"A Bible? Who cares!" (and it went in the closest trash can)
"Ok. A Bible. I'm not going to read this, but I know a few people who should!"
"Hey, this looks like a cool book! What is it about?" (yes, this student was serious as a heart attack.)
"Mrs. Burns, I didn't get a Bible this morning. Can you get me one?"

I actually teared-up several times as I heard students' comments. I was overwhelmed with how many of them are lost and headed to Hell. Handing out Bibles is a great start, and setting an example with our lives is good, too, but we need to start some conversations. Unfortunately, as a teacher, I can't initiate any faith-based conversations with the students (unless it relates to academics). Therefore, the most influential people in schools today are the students. Students listen to students. Because of that, parents and youth ministers have a great responsibility and privilege in discipling their children/youth.


  1. Amazing & wonderful that your school system let you hand out bibles. Sad that so many aren't interested. You are right that is important for our kids to know how to talk with friends about their faith.

  2. I remembering when I was in 5th grade, they still let the Gideons come in and hand out the little red New Testaments back then. I had mine out on the bus that day. A little boy in kindergarten sat next to me. He asked me what my book was about. I told him that it was the Bible and it was about Jesus. I asked him if he knew who Jesus was and he said no. I was astonished. As long as I could remember, I knew who Jesus was because I was raised in Sunday School. So I explained to him that Jesus was God's Son. Then I turned to Luke 2 and read him the Christmas story out loud until he had to get off the bus. The boy lived near us in Oostanaula, and moved a couple of years later. I've often wondered if he remembered that encounter. I wasn't saved at the time, but I knew even then that everyone needed to know about Jesus.