Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just Kidding

So on my last post I said Bird was moving up to the Wobblers class. Just kidding. He had a great day yesterday as a Wobbler, but apparently today he didn't care for it too much. When I got there to pick him up this afternoon, they told me he had cried all day until one of his teachers from the nursery came and picked him up. After that, he seemed to be fine as long as he was back in the nursery. Hmmm.

I really wish I knew why he cried today. I feel like his ears are (STILL!!!) hurting him, but I'm not positive.  Why did he do so well yesterday and fall apart today? Maybe he's spoiled and used to his nursery teachers holding him. I was nervous but excited for him to move up and be challenged to crawl, walk, and learn to feed himself. Now he's back in the nursery with babies 4 months and under.  Oh well. One thing's for sure: he's sure to get lots of lovin and attention from those ladies.


  1. He will move up & not always be in the baby class.Maybe he they could half & half with him?
    Summer Kindermusik schedule is online at berrycollegekids.com

  2. He's going to have days like that. We all do. Don't give up. Each time he moves up will be an adjustment. When I taught preschool at Berry, I would have 3 yr olds come in on their first day and do great! The second day they would have a meltdown when mom left. It's natural. He'll be fine.