Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sad & Happy, All at Once

Today was both a happy and a sad day all at once. Today was the last day for Dr. Steve Andrews as pastor of Calvary Baptist Church. After 11.5 years, he and his family are moving to serve in a church in Alabama.  It was a happy day because I got to be back at Calvary and see friends that I consider to be family. It was sad, though, because I hated to see Steve and his family go. Besides that, for some reason, as soon as I walk into the doors of CBC, I start crying. EVERY TIME. I was never this emotional before being pregnant. I think maybe giving birth permanently wacked out my tear ducts or something. Ridiculous. Combine that with sleep deprivation and a screaming baby, and the service was a little emotional.

Anyway, I appreciate Steve so much. He is an amazing preacher/teacher, and many times I've found myself sifting through old notes from his sermons to find something he said in the past. Steve was also my first real boss, and I am so grateful that he believed in me and extended me grace so many times. I will always remember his wisdom and passion for the Scriptures. I will also never forget the words he spoke EVERY SUNDAY when he started to preach:
"Lord, may my words today not be my own, but a demonstration of the Spirit's power, that our faith might not rest on the wisdom of men, but in the power of almighty God."

I'll also miss Steve's family. Though I haven't seen them often since moving to Calhoun, I enjoy keeping up with them and knowing they're close by. During my years at CBC as a college student and youth minister, Karen was such an example to me of a godly wife and mother. I also learned so much from watching her minister to the women, youth, and children at our church. She is a beautiful, energetic, and joyful. I'll miss her. The kids - oh, I love them. I had the privilege to study the Bible one-on-one with Taylor and to hang out with Jordan when they were in the youth group. It has been so rewarding to watch these 2 grow up into young adults who love God and others. I thank God that I had the opportunity to know them and be involved in their lives.

Steve and family, words can't communicate how thankful I am for your friendship, leadership, and ministry. I'll miss you here, but I pray that God uses you in mighty ways and for His glory in Alabama.

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  1. It was an emotionally draining day. Steve preached the Word faithfully & creatively EVERY Sunday. We will miss his teaching so much! The family...well, Karen did SO much to minister alongside of Steve. Women's Ministry, Youth Choir (in the day),VBS, praise band, dance team, Sunday School teacher...SO MUCH! Taylor - Alyssa's dear, dear friend since 4th grade. Jordan - growing to be a confident young man, that is a deep thinker. MacKenzie, what a sweetheart. I will miss watching her grow into a young lady. Wes - what a mess, he lights up the room & has a tender heart.
    It was great to have you come today, even though it was hard...thanks for coming.