Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I really like...

I really like having the windows open this time of year. It gives the house that .... certain smell. I don't know how to describe it.

JBird likes having the windows open, too. He just sits there and chatters. Today he started pushing on the screens, though, so I'll have to figure out a way to still let him play by the window but keep him from pushing the screens out (and falling out on his head!).

I really like this time of year at school. We're approaching our big end of the year test, the CRCT. I finish teaching my curriculum this Friday, then we spend two weeks reviewing. I like this because I get a feel for what the kids know and don't know. It's hard to explain - it's kinda like painting. You can clearly see how much you've done, and you also know how much work you have left.

I really like it when Jacin cooks dinner every once in a while. Yesterday he made us tacos. I got to sit in the den and play with Bird while he cooked. It was great! Then we switched places after dinner - I cleaned, he played.

I really like Rascal's forgiving, loyal nature. After walking at the park Monday afternoon, I somehow forgot to let Rascal out of the car. I was so busy getting Bird out of the car and fixing his dinner that I completely forgot Rascal. TWO HOURS LATER I realized it. I opened my trunk to find him dozing. He jumped out and rubbed against my leg. I wish I could forgive and forget that easily.

I REALLY like a happy baby. Today, finally, I think he's feeling better. He's happy, not fussy. Yay! Today he sat on the floor and stretched up his hands to me and said, "Mamamamama." :) He's also said "Uh Oh!" several times over the last few days. And he ate cheerios, 2 crackers, and 2 noodles with his baby food tonight! This is a big deal since he gags when he SEES any solid food. He now has 6 teeth (4 on top, 2 on bottom), so maybe he'll be interested in finger foods soon. As for the sippy cup - maybe by the age of 4.

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