Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy, happy baby

This weekend was probably the happiest I've seen Jackson. He seemed to feel good and have boundless energy. He played hard, napped hard, and ate in between. When I got back from the grocery store Saturday, JBird greeted me at the door in his walker - 2 cowboy hats on his head and Cheerios box in hand, feeding Rascal Cheerios as he raced around. I love me some happy baby.

Today, Bird moved up from the Nursery to the Wobblers class at DayCare. I was nervous dropping him off this morning, but he was already familiar with the teacher, and he went right to her. He must have played pretty hard today because when I picked him up this afternoon, he was fast asleep. This is noteworthy because he doesn't sleep much in DayCare.

AND... since my last post, Bird has decided he likes drinking out of a sippy cup, as long as it's filled with strawberry Kifer. :) This could be an expensive habit.

Hoping this week will be as great as our weekend was!

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