Monday, March 7, 2011


NEWSFLASH: I am tired of cooking.

Well...maybe it's not the cooking I'm tired of. Maybe it's the time it takes standing in the kitchen preparing and cleaning up, and all that after coming home from 8 hours of work, dragging my butt to the gym, and picking up Bird from DayCare. Maybe I'm just tired, period. I wish I were tired of eating! Then we'd really be getting somewhere!

Anyone want to share some recipes for quick, easy, and CHEAP meals? I'm considering eating cereal for dinner for a few weeks.


  1. I'm at that point myself. Terry and I had a pretty good system going for a while. I would cook a pretty big meal on Saturday. We'd save the left overs for Tuesday. We usually eat at my parent's on Sunday. Then Terry cooks a big meal on Monday because he is off. We'll eat leftovers from that on Wed. Then by Thursday, I'm not so burned out from cooking and I cook something we can have left overs for lunch on Saturday since we go out on Fridays.

    We like to make BBQ in the crock pot. I do chicken breast most of the time, but we have used a pork tenderloin which is pretty good too. Just put the meat, a little water or broth in the crock pot--salt, pepper, any other seasonings. I just let it cook all day 6-8 hours right before it is about to be done I shred up the meat (which is very tender at this point) and pour a bottle of BBQ sauce on it then let it cook 30 min to an hour longer while you fix salad or fries, whatever you want to go with it. Easy & good.

  2. I usually fix dinner the night we eat dinner, clean up and then start on the next nights prep. This allows me to walk in the kitchen and put it in the oven when I get home. Or someone to put it in the oven.
    Tonight it was baked spaghetti. Last night I cooked the pasta, cooked ground beef with some onions & poured in ragu sauce. Then I mix everything together and put in a baking dish. Top it with cheese - mozzarella & cheddar. cover w/ foil. Put it in the oven at 350 w/ foil on. Uncover the last 5 -8 minutes. cooks about 25 - 30 minutes. Add a bag of salad & some bread, yum.
    Tonight I'm fixing stuff for chicken burritos. It will be in a bowl ready to spread on tortillas tomorrow afternoon. Find that recipe at,1739,159180-229196,00.html I cooked/shredded my chicken last night. I don't have a baby to contend with, so it makes it a bit easier. BUT, having dinner ready to go in the oven when you get home is great. Most of my prep the night before is about 30 minutes, but at least I've already refueled, & relaxed.
    You need to come for dinner at my house, but when???