Saturday, September 4, 2010


Today was GRAND! Usually Saturdays are challenging at our house because there's much to be done and not enough time to do it. Mowing the grass, buying groceries, doing laundry, cleaning house, etc. Not to mention the fact that my husband thrives on schedule and routine, and Saturdays don't usually have a set schedule. Therefore, on Saturdays Jacin often morphs into what we fondly call "Grumpy Pants." Today, however, was different.

The first difference was that Jacin went without coffee for the entire day. Yep, you read it right. His acid reflux is getting the best of him, and he's quitting coffee (at least temporarily). I had prepared myself for a tough day full Grumpy Pants' coffee/caffeine withdrawls, but he surprised me. He felt great and was in super spirits all day. We love our Daddy Bird! Second, the slightly cooler weather and beautiful blue sky had me singing on my early-morning trip to WalMart (which is extremely rare considering the detested destination). I got home and my birdy boys were playing in the den. We decided to go run errands as a family. Off we went to the bank (yay for paychecks!), a consignment sale (where Jacin picked out 4 little JBird outfits for $10!), and ToysRUs (to buy a bday gift for a little friend of ours). On the way home we stopped by a local farm and bought a watermelon and some incredible okra. Can't wait to cook it!

Now, usually after running errands, Jacin says something like, "It's already 1? There's never enough time!" Instead, today he remarked, "Wow! It's only 11:30? Nice." After lunch, we took a nap. I LOVE LOVE snuggling with my baby bird in the bed for a naparoo. Then we went for an early dinner at Olive Garden (we actually left home at 4:30. I felt like maybe we should have gotten the senior-citizen discount). Finally, we came home, got the baby bird to bed, and Jacin and I made chocolate oatmeal cookies (yes, they're simultaneously scrumptious and low-fat). Yum!

What a great Saturday! Perhaps the BEST part is that we have 2 more days to be together!! Thanks, God, for long weekends!

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