Thursday, September 2, 2010

Boys, Boys, Boys

Today we got the results from Jackson's Ambulatory EEG, which was done a few weeks ago. The Neurologist said there was no evidence of any seizures! We're hoping his little leg tremors will turn out to be something muscular and that he'll outgrow it. Praise the Lord!

In other news, Jackson is slowly getting better at reaching and grabbing things. At dinner tonight he was fascinated with the saltine cracker wrapper (I guess b/c it makes a noise when you touch it). Currently his FAVORITE thing to grab is his own little weewee. Yeah. Nice. I knew it was some kind of primal instinct that tempts males to grab their you-know at the most interesting times. However, I had NO IDEA that it started so early. Good gravy. JBird's only 20 weeks old and already grabbing his weewee. Such a guy. Oh course, his Dad is extremely excited. Boys, boys, boys. I really don't have much to say about it. I just sanatize JBird's hands 50 times a day.

PS: I considered posting a picture of Jackson's favorite "grabbing trick," (as described above) but decided it might be too risque to post online. (And a side-note for those of you who know me well and are familiar with my spelling abilities - or lack thereof - I spelled "risque" all by myself without looking it up. Proud!)

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  1. Hip Hip Hurray for good EEG results. Also for J-bird grabbing things, even if it is his own thang! Boys will be boys, and men will be men- that fascination only gets better with time. Have a great Friday on the way to a long weekend.