Sunday, September 5, 2010

Camo Birdy

Daddy Bird, Mommy, & Little JBird
The camo birdy in his cool outfit from
Uncle Zack & Aunt Aud.

Well, today was JBird's first Burns' family reunion cookout. It happens every year on Labor Day weekend. The family gathers up on the hill for a cookout on Sunday night. Then, on Monday, the EXTENDED family gathers at a church nearby to eat together. Tonight, we took JBird (and his sniffling, snotty nose and hacking cough) up on the hill for an hour or so. We didn't stay long, but he had fun.

I brought Jackson home around 7:30 tonight to bathe and feed him. As I was rocking him to sleep in his room, he sat and looked up at me. I sang to him and he just sat and grinned his little sideways smile. One time he reached up, grabbed his paci, held it out to me and said, "Gaah!" Precious. I told him that he is a blessing from God.

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