Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Okay. So we survived the stomach bug a week ago, only to contract a cold. Yuck. JBird is hacking up stuff, and it's nasty. He started coughing Friday and its gradually gotten worse. Now it's a deep, crackly, chest cough. I'm also cleaning out his nose 50 times a day (which he loves... NOT!). So I called the pediatrician to see if I needed to bring him in. The gave me some "signs" to look for, none of which he exhibits. I'm trying really hard not to be THAT Mom - you know, the crazy one who takes her kid to the doctor weekly complaining of imaginary illnesses? I know that the pediatrician will roll her eyes tomorrow when I call AGAIN, but I'm bringing him in. I hate to see my little JBird cough. And with my luck, if I don't take him, he'll have RSV or something bad by Friday night. Hello ER! I'll take my chances on being THAT Mom.

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  1. It's OK to be that mom. You have not had an easy time with this little J-bird. You are wise to realize that he is completely dependent on you for his care (& his dad of course). Praying that he will get better soon. Love, Mom