Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Even though I'm the Mommy now...

Even though I'm the Mommy now, there are still days when I want my Mom to come take care of me. Today was one of those days. Jacin shared his stomach virus with me. I was up multiple times last night, ran a fever all day today, and endured crazy stomach cramps. When it was time to go home from work (yep, you read that right, I went to work... and probably infected all my 100 middle schoolers), I had a migraine. The thought of picking up JBird and going home to chores had me in tears. I wasn't sure I could do it. I was ready to drop. (This was one of the many times I wished my Mom lived closer. I just needed someone to baby ME!) On top of that, Jacin had to work late and couldn't help out with Jackson. Thankfully, Roxane picked up the Bird from Daycare and took care of him for a while so I could take some headache meds and sleep for an hour or so. I'm still not feeling great, but I'm better. Now if JBird could get rid of his fever (but at least he doesn't have vomiting or diarrhea... yet... I'll count my blessings).


  1. I think I'm on the virus train too. Not throwing up, but I'm nauseated, my body hurts all over, and I have a killer headache. At least I don't have a sick baby.

  2. Yuck. That sounds a lot like what I had (ummm, still have). My lower back ached pretty bad and I had a migraine. Still have the remnants of the stomach stuff, too. Hope you feel better soon! Can't wait to see you Saturday!