Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Well, lets see. Last week was full of doctors appointments. I went to the pediatrician for my 6 month check up and weighed 17 pounds and measured 27 inches long. I also went to Atlanta to have blood work done at the Hematologist. That wasn't too fun. We waited 2 hours, and then 2 mean ladies stuck me 4 times and took lots of my blood. Mom almost passed out, too. We're glad that's over. Then I got to spend 2 days with Meme & Big Daddy. It was great! On Friday night, Mom and Dad came to Gwinnett and we got to see EVERYONE - Meme & Big Daddy, GreatGran & Quinc., Nana & Papa, Uncle Zack & Aunt Aud, and Aunt Laney (well, almost everyone - we didn't get to see Richard). We had fun! Sunday we went to the pumkin patch! I thought the pumpkins were very interesting, so I have on my serious face.
Inspecting the pumpkin
Where are they taking me??
This feels funny!
And now I'm ready for a great week! I must admit that I'm a bit fussy, so I hope the ladies at DayCare are ready to love on me lots tomorrow (but seriously, who could resist?). I think I might be getting in some teeth! Hope YOU have a great week, too!
- JBird


  1. Dear J-Bird,
    Oh how we enjoyed being with you and your parents. You were an absolute delight. Hope you have a great week, and keep working on those teeth, they will soon appear. Love you much!!! ;0) Meme

  2. Tell Mama that it's ok that she almost passed out....I would have too! Glad you had fun at the punkin' patch. Your pictures are too cute! Hope to see you Sunday, buddy!
    :-) Cousin Quincy