Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thrivin??? More Like Barely Survivin!!

Well, things are getting desperate. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I have VERY FEW outfits that fit right now. Even though I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight, apparently my body fluff  has shifted and my butt, hips, and lower belly are bigger now (I didn't even know that was possible...). I tried Weight Watchers and got discouraged. Now I'm back to working out at the gym, which I love. For the DIET part (I detest that word), I am trying Thrive. Many of my friends at school have used it to drop pounds in a 3 month period, so I thought I'd try it. A friend is teaching me the Thrive plan at school for free, so I don't have to pay for the program. Nice.

So the 1st week is supposedly the hardest. The only thing you can have for meals is a meat and green veggie combo. Breakfast and (ONE!!!) snack are the same daily. So this is kinda what the week is shaping up to look like:

BFAST: 1 cup of Special K Protein Cereal with 1 cup Skim Milk (the cereal kinda reminds me of cardboard) And NO COFFEE. Yeah right. The authors of Thrive have obviously never taught Middle School. I'm cheating here - can't do without my coffee.
SNACK: Mini Bag of Fat Free Popcorn (which, again, tastes like cardboard)
DINNER: A meat & a green veggie (See below for the EXCITING menu.)
MON: Grilled chicken & spinach (which was actually very filling and yummy)
TUES: Tilapia and Broccolli (I really do try to like Tilapia, but I just don't.)
WED: Soft Tacos (we can "splurge" and include a Double Fiber tortilla. Yay.)
THURS: Omelettes (Egg Whites, Peppers, White Cheese)
FRI: Steak & Green Beans (I'm missing my baked potato! But I must abide by the Thrive motto, "If it moos or oinks, you can't eat a potato with it." Geez.)

So, as you can probably guess, I'm not having a lot of fun. Chocolate is not on the list, and I'm living on the edge of sanity. I've really considered just going to work naked. Honestly, who needs clothes when you can have chocolate?


  1. Well, if you go naked...it would definitely be on the news, so I would know. You know I can't do w/o sweets...but you can DO IT!!!
    Melinda Latta has dropped about 40 pounds! It has taken her 10 months.

  2. You can have Black coffee. No sugar, no cream. As for the popcorn--try a few sprays of the Parkay on it. I like it better that way. Also the Special K is better if you put some strawberries in it. You can eat up to 2 of the tortillas at a time. I'll try to find my book and let you know of any other tricks I got from class. I also have The Thrive Thanksgiving cookbook that has some recipes you may want to try.

    I been trying to lose again too, but I really don't want to resort back to Thrive. It does work. And believe it or not you get used to eating that way after a while. There are a few things I still eat that I didn't before I took the class.