Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Writing Skills Meet Local Dialect

So today I'm grading my students' most recent writing assignment. I keep running into this word that I fail to recognize. Multiple students are using it and spelling it the same way, but I don't know the meaning. I'm starting to get paranoid about not knowing a word that my 7th graders know when... it hits me. The word in question is Accorse. If you're like me, you're thinking... huh? Acorns? A course? What the heck!?!? Well, allow me to translate. Accorse = Of course. Also, just to clue you in, fill = feel, wont = want, and becaws = because. Now you're ready to read the writing of 7th grade Northwest Georgian students.  When you tell them to "sound it out" to determine a word's spelling, they take it to heart. They write like they speak - slow as molasses, sweet as sugar, and country as a turnip green. :) And if you've heard ME talk lately, you know it's catching.


  1. THIS made me giggle! It is catching... :)
    I should forward some emails from my family in south Georgia, it usually takes ten minutes to translate! Uneducated southerners + computers... Nuttin good:)

  2. Try kindergarten students that speak ebonics: de=the, wit=with. Then there are my Hispanic babies where v=the. Of course, it is perfectly o.k. for them to sound it out the way they hear it.