Monday, October 25, 2010

Sheet Washing Event

So this weekend, JBird had a yucky cough. On Friday night, he hacked and hacked and cried and cried. At about 2am I brought him to our bed, where HE slept much better (while I sat awake all night). We got up Saturday morning to find that he had peed through his diaper and soaked our bed.

Sheet Washing Event #1.

Then, once I had put fresh sheets on our bed, JBird and I napped together Saturday afternoon. When we got up from our nap, I realized he had once again peed through his diaper onto our sheets.

Sheet Washing Event #2.

Saturday night, right before company came over, Rascal threw up on my den carpet. Geez. Then at bed time, JBird gave a repeat performance - coughing, crying, snuggling in our bed, and soaking our sheets. Again.

Sheet Washing Event #3.

This afternoon, I came home with a migraine and tried to get the Bird to nap with me. The only thing I got from my attempts was a large puddle of "twice as nice" on my sheets.

Oh well. I'll just sleep on dirty sheets tonight. My washer and my maid are worn out.
And I'm also considering giving JBird fewer ounces of juice/water during the day. Looks like I've got to choose between 2 evils - constipation or gallons of pee. And just look at that face... not a care in the world!
Sir Pumpkin PeePee, preparing to douse the couch. 


  1. That's rough! I still have a lovely stain on my favorite sheets as a reminder of the time Liberty had a blow out newborn poopie in the middle of the night... Hope both of you are feeling better!

  2. Rough time on the homefront. I guess you take solace in the fact that it wasn't poop or puke:) Sir Pumpkin PeePee certainly is cute. Maybe you should put him on a big lap pad when you put him in your bed. That's what I used to do with you guys. Love you lots, Hang in there with motherhood, it is the greatest job on earth!!! Mom