Tuesday, November 20, 2012

God's Toolbox

Tonight, Jacin gave me an incredible gift: TIME ALONE! After dinner, Jacin played with the boys while I took a hot bath. It was so nice to have some quiet time by myself without someone else following me into the bathroom! When I got out, I threw on a tshirt and shorts and sat down on my bed under the fan for a few minutes. It didn't take long for Bird to find me.

BIRD: Whatcha doin Momma? climbing on the bed with me
ME: I'm sitting here under the fan cooling off.
BIRD: Me too. I hot, too. Whew! wiping his forehead
ME: Ok. You can sit here with me.
BIRD: K. Hey! Whas tat? pointing to a mole on my lower leg
ME: It's just a brown spot on my skin.
BIRD: You need a man-daid? (AKA bandaid)
ME: No, it's not a hurtie. It's just how God made me.
BIRD: Yeah. God made me, too. You know what he has in his box?
ME: What box?
BIRD: God! What he has in his tool box! raising his voice & getting frustrated that I can't understand his question about God's toolbox 
ME: Ohhhh. God's toolbox. No, what's in it?
BIRD: Scissors. They sharp! Not touch it! They just for God. And colors. He colors us, too. Yeah. I go tell Daddy! he jumps off the bed to go tell Jacin about God's toolbox

What an imaginative little guy!

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