Saturday, November 3, 2012

Yaya's Wedding

What a beautiful weekend it was for Aunt Jayla (or Yaya, as Bird calls her), to get married! Jayla and Chance got hitched on Saturday, October 20th up on the hill at Rock Creek.

The rehearsal on Friday night was up on the hill. Bird played football and Levi cried the whole time.
"Go Long!"

Poor guy. :(

Family Pic up on the hill.

 On Saturday, Jacin and I sang and were also attendants in the wedding, and Bird was the cutest little ring bearer ever. It was a beautiful ceremony and a fun day... except for the fact that I had a stomach virus and Jacin was a bundle of nerves. But it all turned out well, and we're excited for the bride and groom!
The Burns boys lookin good in brown.

Bird & Yaya bustin a move at the reception.

The beautiful bride & her proud big brother.

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