Friday, November 16, 2012

In My Tummy

On the way to preschool the other day, Bird and I had a very interesting conversation about God. It went something like this...

Bird: Momma! See that house? God built it.
Me: Yes! God made everything, that's true.
Bird: Yep. He made me. And he wikes (likes) me!
Me: Oh yeah! God thinks you're awesome!
Bird: Ummhmm. And you know where God wivs (lives)? Up there... Pointing at the ceiling...
He wivs (lives) in heben (Heaven)... Nodding his head, obviously very proud of himself...
Me: You are exactly right!
Bird: Aaaannnd... Pointing to his chest.... he wivs (lives) in my hawt (heart). And in my tummy, too... Patting his tummy
Me: In your tummy? Really?
Bird: Exacy (exactly) right. And a doctor can get him out if he needs to.

Precious and pretty funny. And did you notice that Bird's comments are much more verbose than my responses? That's because the kid talks 90 miles an hour in the mornings. He gets started and just can't stop! It's like he has to make up for the silent hours he spent sleeping! Not sure where he got that...

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