Saturday, November 3, 2012


On Sunday night, we carved our family pumpkin. We picked a simple design in an attempt to make the process as short and painless as possible. It's difficult, though, to keep a tool-lovin' 2 year old in check once you get out the pumpkin carving set. The carving took twice as long as it should have because Jackson kept stealing the carving knives, pulling on Jacin's arms, and climbing on the table saying, "I help you, Daddy!"
Not too thrilled about touching the pumpkin's insides.

"I do it, Daddy!"

My 2 little pumpkins


Levi's not too sure about this...

On Wednesday for Halloween, Bird dressed up as a farmer and little Levi Bug was a chicken (until he spit up all over his chicken outfit and had to change clothes). Since Jacin has been working long hours this fall due to light-up season, we opted to make it a simple night. We visited Jacin's family on Rock Creek to allow Bird to do some trick-or-treating at Mudder's house, Granny & Pawpaw's house, and Jackie & Rosie's house. Later that night, after eating several pieces of candy instead of dinner, Bird woke up at 11:00pm and was up until about 3am. Needless to say, I learned my lesson. To Bird's chagrin, the bucket of Halloween candy, which is suprisingly full despite only trick-or-treating at 3 houses, is now sitting out of reach atop the fridge, and the candy is strictly rationed.
Levi the chicken

Daddy with Jackson the farmer & Levi the chicken

With Granny & Pawpaw

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